Women's guide to dress codes with Jo Bryant

In our partnership with Debrett's we decipher dress codes for daytime and evening events such as Henley Regatta, Royal Ascot, Epsom Derby and other summer season events with etiquette expert Jo Bryant.  

Deciphering dress codes
Every single event will have a specific dress code, and good etiquette means that you would dress for that occasion and adhere to those dress code rules. Think of the formality and look at the invitation. Think of the environment you are going to be in, and dress appropriately for that event.

What styling tips can you give us for the summer
The best styling tip I can give when it comes to summer style is to make sure that you are never underdressed. It’s much better to be overdressed; you can always tone down your outfit. You might be able to take off your necklace; maybe change into a pair of lower heeled shoes or even remove a jacket to make yourself look more casual.

What is Morning Dress?
Morning dress is the formal dress code for British weddings and certain formal daytime events. For women you should think about a structured dress and a jacket to go with it; think about your footwear. The key thing here is to be remembering it’s a daytime outfit, not an evening outfit – so making sure the fabrics, the colours and the style of your outfit is appropriate for daylight time.

What should you wear to those summer season events?
There are also certain season events. For example, at Ascot you must wear something where your straps are at least one inch think. At Henley you are not allowed to wear any hem length that comes above your knee. There are also certain season events that are less formal; for example, at the polo and certain races meetings – for example Goodwood – where people think of it like a glorified garden party. So you don’t need to be wearing something so structured and you don’t have all those rules to adhere to but you still need to look your summer smart best!

Top Tip // When it comes to summer style and etiquette, it’s really about thinking about the event and dressing accordingly. The worst feeling is when you turn up to that really swanky event and you are not smart enough. It’s much harder to up your game, much easier to lower it.

Women's guide to summer style with Jo Bryant

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