Gift Card Giveaway

Bicester Village Gift Card Promotion – Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the Bicester Village Gift Card promotional offer.

1. The promoter
This offer is being run by Value Retail (Bicester Village) Management Limited (registered in England and Wales under company number 02884096), with registered office address at Management Suite, Bicester Village 50 Pingle Drive, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 6WD (referred to in these Terms as we, us, etc.)

2. Eligible persons
2.1 The Offer is open to all Guests to Bicester Village aged 18 years or over.

3. Duration of the offer
The Offer Period runs from start of Bicester Village opening time on Wednesday 28 November 2018 until Bicester Village closing time on Friday 30 November 2018.

4. Gift Card Availability
4.1 The Offer is limited to the first 1,000 Guests per day to claim a Gift Card.
4.2 Once we have given out 1,000 Gift Cards in any day of the Offer Period, you will not be able to claim a Gift Card on that day even if your purchases would otherwise meet the levels set out below.

5. The offer
5.1 To qualify for the offer, you must make purchases at boutiques at Bicester Village on one day during the Offer Period, to the values set out below. Purchases made outside the Offer Period are not eligible for the Offer.
5.2 If you make qualifying purchases at the levels set out below, you will be eligible to receive a Bicester Village Gift Card (Gift Card), as follows:
(a) If your purchases are for £250 or more (but less than £500), you are eligible to receive a £25 Gift Card;
(b) If your purchases are for £500 or more (but less than £1,000), you are eligible to receive a £75 Gift Card;
(c) If your purchases are for £1,000 or more, you are eligible to receive a £150 Gift Card. The maximum Gift Card value under this offer is £150, no matter how high the value of your purchases (above £1,000).
5.2.2 You will only be eligible to receive a Gift Card if you are one of the first 1,000 Guests to claim a Gift Card at the Bicester Village Visitor Centre (see section 4 above) on that day of the Offer Period.
5.2.3 All purchases to count towards a Gift Card must be made on one day during the Offer Period. 
5.2.4 All purchases to count towards a Gift Card must be made by the same person. You cannot add together purchases made by different family members, or different people within a group of friends, for example.
5.2.5 The Offer is limited to one Gift Card per Guest per day. However (if you make sufficient qualifying purchases), you can qualify for a further Gift Card on different days during the Offer Period.
5.2.6 The following purchases do not count towards the Offer, and so will not be counted toward your purchase value for a Gift Card:
(a) Purchases at restaurants or other food or drink outlets (including pop-ups) at Bicester Village;
(b) Purchases of gift cards or vouchers from the Bicester Village boutiques;
(c) Purchases of Bicester Village services, such as valet parking or hands-free shopping;
(d) Purchases of Bicester Village gift cards.

6. How to claim the Gift Card
6.1 To claim a Gift Card through the offer, you must:
(a) present your Bicester Village sales receipts at the Bicester Village Visitor Centre on the same day that you made the purchases.
(b) join, or already be a member of the Bicester Village Privilege Scheme.
6.2 We may ask you to show us some identification to verify that purchases were made by you, as part of our operation of the offer.
6.3 You must show us the original till receipts from Bicester Village boutiques. Other forms including photocopies, duplicates, email and credit card receipts are not valid for the Offer and purchases only shown in such forms will not count towards the Offer. We are not liable for any failure by a Bicester Village boutique to provide you with receipts, or for any loss by you of relevant receipts.
6.4 We will stamp those receipts that are counted towards the Gift Card (although these will be returned to you to keep for your own records).
6.5 Gift Cards must be obtained in person.
6.6 There is no cash equivalent for the Gift Card, and Gift Cards received by you through this Offer cannot be returned to us for a refund.

7. Privilege, and your data
7.1 We will hold information on your identity, and your purchases (including receipts) made during the Offer Period, to enable us to operate the offer. We will not hold that offer-specific data for longer than necessary to operate the offer.
7.2 You will be asked to subscribe to Bicester Village’s Privilege Scheme. The membership process will show you the terms and conditions that apply to the Privilege Scheme, together with our Privacy Notice that explains what personal data of yours that we will hold to operate the Privilege Scheme (through your subscription to the Scheme), how we use it, and your rights in respect of your personal data.

8. Use of Gift Card
8.1 All Gift Cards obtained during this Offer must be redeemed by 31 December 2018.
8.2 Gift Cards can be used throughout the Bicester Village boutiques and restaurants. For full details on the other terms and conditions applicable to the Gift Card, please visit and follow the link to the Gift Card terms and conditions.
8.3 Please note that Gift Cards cannot be used to book or pay for Guest services (such as valet parking).

9. General
9.1 We may decline to issue a Gift Card where we reasonably believe that there has been a breach of these terms.
9.2 The offer is limited to 1,000 Gift Cards for each day of the Offer Period. We are not liable in respect of any purchases made by you to achieve the totals in paragraph 5.2 if you are not one of the first 1,000 to claim a Gift Card.
9.3 These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law, and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.