Foodie must-haves

Indulge in the new exciting pop-ups now open to delight your tastebuds each time you visit Bicester Village.


Discover delicious Vegan Matcha Crepes from Crêperie Angélie, combining all the benefits of 100% plant-based recipes with fine Organic Matcha Green Tea and delicately made following their exclusive dairy-free and egg-free recipe.

Kanada Buns, brings Japan’s answer to the hamburger: fluffy steamed hirata buns with either teriyaki chicken, nibuta pork or fried tofu, all served with Japanese pickles & citrusy yuzu mayo.

YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea, serving Taiwanese tea from refreshing green tea with fresh fruit, to fresh milk tea with melon.

Maitre Choux, the first and only choux pastry specialist patisserie in the world, offering eclairs and choux chouquettes - Also don't miss out on their delicious Afternoon Tea!

Visit Dum Dum Donutterie to enjoy the world’s first artisan baked doughnut brand. Made with only natural ingredients, these doughnuts are handmade and beautifully baked (not fried).

Pop-down to Pierre Marcolini, and enjoy chocolates, waffles and more! Pierre Marcolini is one of the few chocolatiers to personally oversee the entire production process: from sourcing to final assembly, including sorting the beans, maturation, preparing ganaches and tempering.

Indulge at Shan Shui, inspired by 1920's Shanghai, and follows time-honoured recipes and works only with the freshest ingredients sourced locally. Try the delicious Dim Sum, bao buns and other tasty dishes.

Look out for new menus at Bicester Village’s cafés and restaurants including Café Wolseley and Farmshop restaurant & café!


Also, discover our other food and drink options below...